Why is Raccoon Feces Dangerous

Why is Raccoon Feces Dangerous?

Raccoon roundworm is one of the most dangerous and untreatable parasites in the world. It is so dangerous that raccoon feces is considered a biohazard and its removal requires protective gear. The proper name for the parasite is Baylisascaris procyonis and it is a worm that replicates in raccoon feces. This does not harm raccoons but is fatal to humans. Pets and children of toddler age are most in danger of consuming this parasite but anyone who has touched a surface covered by the eggs of this parasite and who then touches their mouth will be infected. The worms shed eggs from their bodies in the millions of eggs of their body constantly and while there is a limit to the number you can eat that is safe it is rare you would find a situation with so few. They need only some moisture and can survive for years on surfaces even in sunlight. There is very little that can kill them, Boiling Lysol is one option and commercial wildlife technicians will use boiling steam and hospital-grade botanical sterilizers to kill the eggs. This is necessary as they will not die just from being sprayed with powerful disinfectants. You must ingest the parasite, eggs numbering more than five thousand, for the parasite to defeat your immune system. This can happen by touching any surface it is on or being downwind of dry feces and inhaling it into your lungs. The parasite will travel into your intestines and then migrate throughout your body. Nothing is safe. They can infest your brain, your heart, and even your eyes. Showing up as lesions on the skin and eyes. The symptoms include forgetfulness that can result in brain death, extreme nausea, and vomiting. Lethargy and extended sleep, liver enlargement which is not a good thing. You can lose muscle control and even become paralyzed as the disease continues. The infected person will then go blind from the worms in their eyes and brain and will call into a comma and finally die. This is not an unlikely event. Since nineteen eighty there have been eleven people who got it, in its early stages it is treatable but of those eight people four died. Take this as a call to action. Do not ignore raccoon feces on your property and if you are going to clean it yourself wear proper protective gear. This includes a sturdy face mask or better yet a full face covering respirator. Eye protection, nitrile or vinyl gloves, and clothing and tools you are comfortable throwing in the garbage before you go back into your home. This is very dangerous and it is strongly recommended you have it removed professionally.