Racoon Feces Under Deck In And Around Home In Toronto

Racoon Feces Under Deck In And Around Home In Toronto

The initial call to the property was for raccoon feces around and on a three-floor house. The roof was accessible from the third-floor deck and the feces was found in multiple spots. Raccoon feces is a very toxic and dangerous biohazard. It is not something you should ever try to clean on your own. The possible danger of ingesting one of the billions of raccoon roundworm eggs in the feces is too great and the domestic grade disinfection your can provide is not enough to kill the eggs that remain on the surface. These eggs can cause a parasitic infection of every organ in the body from the eyes to the skin and even the brain. It leads to blindness and a coma which is followed by brain death and is incurable still to this day. Do not risk your life to clean feces from your deck. Call a professional.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the home revealed a small amoutn and some large amount of feces all over the property. From under the deck to on the roof the raccoons on this property have been very active. One of the most frustrating parts of having raccoons defecating on your deck is that it is nearly impossible to dissuade them from coming back. As they really have no predators, even humans are not allowed to harm them as they are protected wildlife. So how can you get rid of them? Take care of your garbage and property and never give the animal access to food or water. That will be the most effective way of getting them to stop coming and defecating on your property.

raccoon feces by the stairs of deck
This is a large number of feces and needs to be cleaned by a professional.
more raccoon feces on deck
Feces was fund all over the property and the house.
raccoon feces found on roof
Feces was found on the roof.
raccoon feces found under the deck
And under the deck.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included removing the feces by spraying it down with Commercial hospital-grade botanical sterilizers. The feces is then removed and the area beneath it sterilized using one hundred degrees plus steam. The area is then sprayed again with hospital-grade botanical sterilizers. This ensures there are no eggs remaining in the area.

raccoon feces removed and sterilized
The feces were removed and sterilized.
raccoon feces cleaned and removes from the deck
The feces was cleaned and removed from the deck.
deck is cleaned and now its safe to use
The deck is now clean and safe for use.


In conclusion,   the feces were removed safely and properly and the customer was pleased and has since not seen further feces on the property. The feces was sterilized and the raccoon roundworm danger was eliminated.