Raccoon Feces Removal in Residential Property in Toronto

Raccoon Feces Removal in Residential Property in Toronto


A property owner of a residential property called in and reported raccoon feces in the yard at two places. A technician was dispatched to conduct an exterior inspection to locate and confirm the placement and kind of feces. The technician concluded that it was about raccoon feces indeed and proceeded with the raccoon feces removal process.

If you smell or spot feces anywhere on your property, make sure to contact the Raccoon Feces Removal Toronto for guaranteed and safe disposal in no time.

Initial Measures Taken

After the exterior inspection where the technician confirmed to have found feces in two different places in a customer’s yard, the technician on-site started the raccoon removal process. Precaution is used where personal protective equipment was used to minimize direct contact with the raccoon feces. Gloves, masks, goggles, and protective suits are used for these kinds of jobs.

Raccoon feces were found in two spots by the technician.

The first step is to spray the feces down with a botanical hospital-grade disinfectant. The reason why the feces is first sprayed down is to minimize particles going airborne which can cause people to fall ill. It also reduces spores being able to circulate as well.


Feces is first sprayed down with a hospital-grade botanical disinfectant.

After the feces are sprayed down, the technician then moves on to pick them up by hand. This of course is done with gloves and put in industrial plastic bags and then safely disposed of.

Feces are collected by the technician and safely disposed of.

After the feces have been cleared, the technician will spray the areas down again with the same hospital-grade disinfectant to minimize pathogens from turning airborne.


Last, but not least, the area was treated with a steamer that operates the heat at least 100 degrees celcuis. This is to ensure that roundworm eggs and contaminants are minimized.


This is of particular importance when a property owner has either kids or pests or both because these roundworm eggs will pass the stool of the raccoon and end up in the soil where kids and pets can put contaminated soil in their mouths. Raccoon feces should not b taken lightly as they are categorized as a “Class 4 Biohazard”. This means that viruses can cause fatal or severe damage for which vaccines are NOT available. If you spot feces, make sure to call the raccoon feces removal team from Raccoon Feces Removal Toronto. Call us at 647-694-2148.