raccoon feces in Scarborough

Raccoon feces in Scarborough

The initial call to the property was for raccoon feces on the deck and under the porch stairs. Raccoons are known to create latrines in areas that are either high off the ground or under a deck. They do this because defecating in the wild is dangerous and something predators wait for. In the city, they no longer have to worry about animal predators that will eat them and have no fear of humans so the reason they make latrines away from their nest but also defecate in their nests is unknown.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the exterior found raccoon feces on and under the porch. The stairs had feces beneath them on the soil. When a latrine is on soil and is more than just a few plops it may require the removal of some of the soil beneath it. This is only necessary when a latrine is used by multiple raccoons for months or years. The first foot of soil needs to be removed and disposed of with the feces. This assures the roundworm eggs do not continue to infest that area.

raccoon feces on deck Scarborough
Raccoon feces is one of the most dangerous biohazards in North American and is very deadly and very much incurable.
raccoon feces under stairs
more raccoon feces are found under stairs

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included the removal of the feces using hospital-grade botanical sterilizers. The feces is first sprayed down and then removed. Boiling steam is then used to kill the roundworm. The steam must be above one hundred degrees for it works correctly. Without this, the eggs will not be destroyed. Raccoon roundworm is very dangerous and ingestion of even one egg can rapidly lead to incurable illness and brain death. The worms that shed the eggs shed millions at a times and they can fill every organ of the body including the brain the skin and the eyes.

raccoon feces removed from deck
The deck has been cleaned with hospital-grade botanical chemical sterilizers and boiling steam over 100 degrees celsius.
raccoon feces removed under the stairs
The area was cleaned as well, preventing the danger of raccoon roundworm.


In conclusion, the feces were removed and the danger of raccoon roundworm was resolved. If you have raccoon feces on your property call the professionals and do not try to remove it yourself.