raccoon feces on deck in Toronto

Raccoon Feces in Toronto

The initial call to the property was for a customer who had a raccoon latrine on their deck. Raccoon feces is very dangerous in that it contains the eggs of raccoon roundworms. This is not just a few eggs. The roundworm sheds eggs by the millions and the feces is filled with them. One touch of the feces can result in the roundworm entering your mouth. Once inside there is a very short time when the parasite can be killed. After the infection is incurable. It results in mass infection of the parasitic worm in every organ of the body including the skin, eyes and brain. The result is blindness a coma and then brain death. This is so serious a danger that trying to clean it up yourself can result in hospitalization and even death.

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Exterior Inspection 

The exterior inspection found raccoon feces mixed with fallen leaves and vegetation on a raised area on the deck. The feces is very dangerous and must be cleaned and sterilized with one hundred plus degree steam before it is safe to occupy. The process is involved and destroys one hundred percent of the roundworm eggs.

raccoon feces on deck
Raccoon feces is very dangerous and can result in a coma or even death.
raccoon feces contains roundworms
Feces from a raccoon contain roundworm eggs in huge amounts, in the millions. anything that touches it risks getting infected.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included spraying the feces with hospital-grade botanical sterilizing chemicals that are safe to spray in a hospital room with patients present. This makes the feces safe to remove. The feces is removed and cleaned and then the area is treated with one hundred degrees plus steam. The area is then sprayed down again with hospital-grade botanical sterilizing chemicals and is now safe for human and animal occupation.

raccoon feces removed using hospital grade sterilizers
The feces has been removed with hospital-grade sterilizers and boiling steam.
raccoon feces round worm eggs are destroyed
The roundworm eggs are now destroyed and the area is safe again to use.


In conclusion, the process was highly effective and the raccoon did not return to defecate on the deck again. The process of using multiple sterilizers is far more effective than using sterilizers or steam on their own. The removal process requires the feces be given moister to protect from air-born raccoon roundworm eggs. If this is not done before removing the eggs could enter the air and infect people and animals in the area.