Raccoon Feces On a Shed Roof In Ajax

Raccoon Feces On a Shed Roof In Ajax

The initial call to the property was for a shed roof, a very old one made of wood, which was covered in a good amount of raccoon feces. Raccoon feces is very dangerous and a severe biohazard. Touching it and getting it in your mouth can be fatal. The parasite is a worm that sheds eggs by the millions and can enter your bowels and then travel from there to every part of your body filling every organ from lungs to your eyes. There is little that can be done once the eggs hatch but in very early stages it can be cured. When you see feces on your property assume right away that it is raccoon feces and call a professional to remove it and kill the eggs left on the surface it was on.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the home revealed a large number of raccoon feces on the roof of the shed. This is more common than many people realize as raccoons often defecate in high places. They seem to prefer to defecate on hard materials like wood and metal. They also defecate on grass and rocks. The idea that they are keeping the feces away from their nest is a fallacy as they defecate in their nests as well.

raccoon feces on the roof ajax
This is raccoon feces, it can look like any kind of feces but it is very dangerous.
more raccoon feces on shed
The inside of the shed and other areas also had feces that needed to be removed.
more raccoon feces
This area also needed to be cleaned

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included removing the feces by spraying it with hospital-grade botanical sterilizers, removing it and then steaming the surface with one hundred plus degree steam. The residue of the feces still contains millions of roundworm eggs and even live worms so the area must be steamed and sterilized with hospital-grade botanical chemical sterilizers and then deodorized to get rid of the smell.

cleaned raccoon feces on roof
The feces is gone and so is the danger of roundworm
raccoon feces removed
The sterilizers and steam kill the roundworm eggs
Nothing left to infect anyone, no more eggs
Nothing left to infect anyone, no more eggs


In conclusion, the feces were removed from the shed roof and the customer was pleased that the area is once again safe for use. The danger is now gone the customers feel safe using their shed again.