Feces and Disinfection in East York

Feces and Disinfection in East York

The initial call to the property was for a customer who had already removed most of the feces on the property herself not knowing the danger of raccoon roundworm. This parasitic worm does not so much give birth to eggs as sheds them at a rate of millions per hour. These eggs can get into your stomach or even lungs and will grow and populate your body rapidly. Once they have gotten into your skin and organs the disease is untreatable. The worms fill the body creating worm-shaped lesions often starting in the lower body and quickly moving to the head where they will also appear in the eyes which will quickly cause blindness. The worms consume the human’s tissues including the brain which generally leads to a coma and brain death. The early signs are a fever. If you can catch this in your child don’t think about it take them to the emergency. This woman read information about this illness and realized she needed a professional to sterilize the area and to remove the last piece of feces on the property’s right and left sides.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the home revealed two pieces of feces and the area where the feces was including the front wooden steps and the alleyway between the two houses. There was very little left and the areas did have markings denoting possible feces still remaining. This would mean the area is covered in roundworm eggs.

raccoon feces left on the property
This is the feces that was left on the property in one of two locations.
This area was cleaned but not disinfected.
This area was cleaned but not disinfected.
feces on deck
This is the second area where feces was found and removed.

Initial Measures

The initial measures taken by the technician included removing and sterilizing the remaining feces and then thoroughly sterilizing with the hospital-grade botanical chemical sterilizer that will not kill grass or stain any structure or object. This kills the roundworm eggs and makes the area safe for young children and pets especially.

alleyway effective disinfection
This and the other alleyway were treated with disinfectant to kill the roundworm eggs.
feces removed and area disinfected
Feces was removed and disinfected in this area.


In conclusion, the feces were removed and the affected areas sterilized. The customer was pleased and will in future not clean the feces herself but call professionals now knowing the severe danger of raccoon roundworm.