raccoon feces on stairs which contains round worms

What is Raccoon Round Worm

Baylisascaris procyonis. That is a raccoon roundworm. It is a parasite. The eggs are often referred to as spores like a fungus but they are eggs. The adult roundworm is about five to eight inches long and they are constantly shedding millions of eggs. Raccoons are not affected by this parasite and the reason for that is still unknown. This parasite is one of the most deadly illnesses that a human can get. Painful, debilitating, untreatable, and fatal. Raccoon feces is filled to the brim with these eggs and the danger they pose is extreme. When dry the feces becomes brittle and the eggs become air born. This means just being in your backyard, just breathing, can get you infected by this fatal parasite. While it can be treated in the very earliest of stages once it has started travelling through your body there is no way to get them out. The worms on the surface of the skin and eyes can be lasered but the worms in the brain cannot be removed.

Some of the symptoms include hundreds, if not thousands of tiny lesions all over the body and on the eyes mouth, and inside of the body as well, it affects every organ in the body as well as the brain. Nausea is the first symptom this means the worm has hatched in your gut and needs immediate medical attention. Do not drive, call an ambulance. Lethargy is the next stage. At this point, the worm has spread and is infecting your organs with lesions. This stage is incurable and so are the others. The damage is excessive to the point of liver damage. The liver enlarges and ceases to function. The patient will then lose muscle control, spilling their bowels. This leads to full paralysis and that does not interfere with the pain. Once the worms reach and start destroying the brain a coma will set in. This is one of the final stages but before it, the patient will likely go blind from the roundworms in the eyes. Once the coma begins there is no answer but to wait for death. This is made worse by the fact that adults, aware of dirt and safety precautions are rarely infected. The most common victims are pets and small children. This is why the feces should be removed professionally. Boiling Lysol and bleach will not kill the eggs. You will need something much stronger.

The only way to properly kill the raccoon roundworm eggs is with a combination of boiling steam and commercial grade, hospital-grade botanical sterilizers. The technician doing the work will be wearing a full-face covering respirator. This is not something to take lightly and cleaning it yourself is a guaranteed way of getting the illness yourself. There is also no amount of sterilization you can do at home that will kill all the eggs. Call a professional for raccoon feces removal.