how to safely remove raccoon feces

How To Safely Remove Raccoon Feces

Safely removing raccoon feces is a difficult and dangerous process the requires extensive protective gear and special tools and sterilizers. You can not just pour boiling water and bleach on this mess. The raccoon sound worm eggs, of which there are billions in here square inch of feces are nearly invincible to anything but boiling steam over one hundred degrees celsius. This is not a joke. Raccoon roundworm is incurable in its later state and knowing that you have it is the moment the parasite becomes irreversible. The effects are countless. The worm sheds millions of eggs and these eggs hatch rapidly and station themselves under every inch of your body. Lesions will appear where they are, all over your body, in organs, and in your eyes. Nausea, vomiting are just the initial symptoms. Blindness will follow that along with an enlarged liver and organ failure. A coma will often follow and after that brain death. This is incurable and is still occurring in the western world to this day. The danger is not to adults but to small children and pets. They are the ones most likely to make contact with the spores and to either inhale or consume them accidentally. The cleaning of this feces is a serious process that must be followed precisely and if you are worried at all about doing it, then call a professional.

Professionals in this business use a full-face covering respirator along with many other types of protective gear like booties on the shoes and gloves. The removal process involves spraying the area with a commercial grade sterilizer before even touching the feces. This makes removal safer and easier. The area is then cleaned, raccoon feces does stain many surfaces so be prepared for that eventuality. The technician will then use boiling steam to sterilize the area. This will kill all the roundworm eggs, guaranteed. There is then a second application of commercial-grade sterilizers that will ensure nothing remains of the roundworm eggs.

Doing this yourself is far more complicated and dangerous. Do not use a pressure washer or hose as you will be spraying the roundworm eggs all over your property. Do not try t vacuum it up, sweep it away or clean it with your bare hands. You will need to prep yourself with protective gear. This includes a face mask, a visor to cover your face even more. The clothing you can throw in the garbage after, tools like a spade, and powerful chemicals like Lysol and boiling water. Spray the feces with as much disinfectant, the strongest you can get. Coat it thickly and then scoop it carefully into a bag. When all that’s left is residue you can remove it with a wet cloth and then put the cloth in the bag with the feces. Do not use a paper towel it is not strong enough for this task. You will then want to spray the area with more of the sterilizers, coat it and leave it for the night. Come out the next morning, bright and early, and pour boiling water and Lysol over the area. This will ensure the roundworm eggs are dead.