How Common is Raccoon Roundworm in Humans

How Common is Raccoon Roundworm in Humans?

Raccoon roundworm is a terrible parasite that is fatal to humans. Symptoms include nausea, loss of motor coordination, blindness, and death. Infection occurs when roundworm eggs are ingested. Touching a contaminated surface, then touching your face could result in infection. The eggs then travel to the intestines where they hatch and migrate to the other parts of the body. Thankfully, raccoon roundworm infections are rare in humans, with only 25 cases ever recorded in the United States. You should however keep your distance from latrines and protect your home from a raccoon invasion. Call us for raccoon feces removal and wildlife-proofing in the GTA.

What is Raccoon Roundworm?

Raccoon roundworm, or Baylisascris procyonis, is a parasite that lives in the intestines of raccoons. It feeds on whatever the raccoon eats and sheds thousands of eggs per day. Eggs are passed in the host’s feces, which then permeate the soil and get picked up by other animals. Roundworm eggs are microscopic, making them all the more dangerous.  They are so small that they can become airborne when feces dry. Raccoon roundworm does not harm raccoons very much, but it will cause serious symptoms in other animals. Dogs are susceptible to roundworm and will suffer from symptoms including difficulty eating, circling, seizure, and lethargy.

How Do You Get Rid of Roundworm?

If you think you may have ingested roundworm, seek medical attention immediately. A doctor can perform an examination and prescribe you with the right medication. You can avoid the terrible symptoms associated with raccoon roundworm with quick intervention. The same thing goes for pets – take them a veterinarian right away. As for roundworms in feces, contact a professional feces remover. They have the equipment to remove the feces safely and eliminate any potential roundworm eggs. Roundworm eggs can only be destroyed with high heat. Professionals use powerful disinfectants and steam cleaners to eliminate all germs and parasites on site.

If you want to avoid roundworm entirely, you should make your property less inviting to raccoons. These are common pests in cities and suburbs across Ontario. Remove every food source you can. Don’t leave any pet food out and use securely lidded garbage cans. If you can, store them in a shed until garbage day. Pick up fruit as soon as they have fallen to the ground and remove bird feeders. Then, make sure there are no places for the animals to hide. Block off the interior of your deck with wooden planks or steel mesh. Check if your roof needs repairs and cap your vents and chimneys with mesh as well.

Hire a Professional Raccoon Feces Remover

Although it is rare, raccoon roundworm is no joke. Infections in humans have severe symptoms and may result in death. Children, pets, and persons with developmental disabilities are especially susceptible to infections of roundworm. If there is a raccoon latrine on your property, have a professional remove it so that you don’t take the risk. Our technicians use hospital-grade disinfectants and steam cleaners that safely remove germs and roundworm eggs. We will remove the feces manually and ensure that no hazards are left behind with our professional equipment. Call us today for feces removal.