how to stop raccoon latrines from appearing

How to Stop Raccoon Latrines from Appearing

Raccoons prefer to deposit their feces in the same locations every time, creating large piles of waste that get worse with time. As long as the animal lives nearby and feels safe to do so, it will continue to use the same latrine. Raccoon feces however are highly toxic. They contain harmful germs and parasites that could make you or your loved ones very sick. Cleaning latrines up is therefore a serious matter, and their appearance should be avoided at all costs. Keep raccoons away by making your unattractive. Remove foods and places for a raccoon to hide. For professional latrine cleanup and raccoon removal, give us a call.

Remove Food

What is perhaps the most effective way to keep raccoons off your property is to remove food. Raccoons are smart, opportunistic omnivores that will visit your home every day if there is food to eat. Switch to securely lidded garbage cans and store them in a locked shed, if possible. Get rid of your bird feeders and pick up fruit as soon as they have fallen to the ground. If you have a vegetable garden, consider investing in row covers. Always clean up after a meal outdoors and avoid leaving any pet food out overnight. Keep the yard tidy.

Raccoon-Proof Your Home

In addition to food, raccoons are attracted to places where they can hide. Check your roof closely for signs of damage and any holes that a raccoon could use to get inside the attic. Examine the soffits, gutters, and roof vents closely. Make all necessary repairs and cover your vents with a steel mesh. Then, check your deck and shed and close any gaps you find. Raccoons can fit through gaps only 4 inches wide. If you suspect that there are raccoons living on your property already, call a professional and they will have them removed safely. Accidentally trapping a raccoon is hazardous and inhumane.

Use Raccoon Deterrents

For bonus protection, use deterrents. Raccoons dislike the smell of apple cider vinegar and predator urine. You can purchase predator urine at most hardware stores. Spray either of these around the garden and on your garbage cans to keep raccoons away. You can also sprinkle garlic and cayenne pepper in the yard for a similar effect. Because raccoons are nocturnal, try installing motion-activated lights in areas of raccoon activity. The lights will turn on and scare away any raccoons that emerge in the night. You can find loads of electronic deterrents online and in home supply stores.

Hire a Professional

Raccoon latrine cleanup is messy and dangerous. Getting rid of raccoons is also a difficult job that requires expensive materials and a good understanding of raccoon behaviour. The safest and most reliable thing you can do when it comes to raccoon control is to hire a professional. We provide effective raccoon feces removal and wildlife services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and use hospital-grade disinfectants and steam cleaners. Call us if there is a latrine on your property and we will remove it immediately.