How To Stop a Raccoon From Defecating On Your Property

How To Stop a Raccoon From Defecating On Your Property.

This question is much older than you think and has been asked by many, many people. The sad truth is there is nothing that can get a raccoon off your property other than a humane capture trap and trapping a raccoon risks killing it so this is not the best way to handle the situation. There are a lot of methods on the internet that recommend you wash the area with vinegar or spray it with lemon juice and wolf urine. Remember that wolves in Canada are afraid of humans and do not spend much time in human encampments. This is not true of the raccoon. They are free to come and go and seem to be disregarded by the general population and only enrages the owner of the garbage can they are digging in. They roam free and there is a reason for that. There is no real way to stop them. You can attach plastic sheets to your shed roof and they may make the sensitive footpads of the raccoon feel weird but is it going to work.


bird feeders
The birds spill seeds on the ground attracting wildlife and rodents.

What does work are fundamental tools of the trade that you are not allowed to install? Spikes and barbed wire. Normal people are not allowed to have things like that on their property because it could injure a child or animal that wanders on to it, the meaning of animal being pet but its now clear to everyone that wildlife in Ontario is protected. You cannot hurt them. You cannot shoot them, those are old laws that are being rescinded. Do not get yourself caught doing something illegal. If you have wild animals on your property there is one thing you can do.

Animals are attracted to properties with access to water and food. If you have bird feeders and birdbaths on your property then you are also feeding every squirrel, rat, raccoon, and skunk within a one-mile radius. Get rid of everything and leave a light on in your yard to detract the animals from coming. If this situation seems to be happening consistently then speak to your neighbours and see if anyone has a raccoon living on their property they may be ignoring or unaware of. If you show them the signs or even hire a professional to do an inspection you could get your neighbour to remove the raccoon. This would end the daily defecation and would help stop the raccoon. There is no telling where it could be coming from but it may well be under your deck right now.

Getting them off the property is mostly preventative. It is very little you can do to get raccoons off forcibly and repellents do not work. If you want them to leave then you will have to find out why they are there in the first place. Is there a park near you, do you back onto a ravine? Is your home overly accessible? Maybe seal up some open areas, build a fence. If it keeps happening then you have avenues to go down, questions you can ask.