how to get rid of raccoon latrine

How Do I Get Rid of a Raccoon Latrine?

Raccoon latrines are dangerous because they contain a plethora of germs and parasites that could make you very sick. Most raccoons in the GTA carry raccoon roundworm, an intestinal parasite that is lethal to humans and domesticated animals. Roundworm eggs are passed in raccoon feces, and they are invisible to the naked eye. It is therefore extremely important that you get rid of latrines up with upmost caution. This type of cleanup is best left to the professionals. They have the tools and equipment to get rid of latrines safely. Call us today for safe and effective raccoon feces removal.

First, put on a pair of disposable gloves and rubber boots. If you can, cover your boots with disposable booties. Wear a N95-rated respirator and avoid touching your face or your clothes during the cleanup. Spray the latrine with a household disinfectant to avoid stirring up debris. Then, using a shovel or inverted plastic bag, bag up the feces. Pick up as much as you can, then close the bag and put it in your garbage can outside for pickup.

If outside, finish the job by pouring boiling water onto the surface you are cleaning. This will eliminate roundworm eggs. If inside, mop the area repeatedly with hot, soapy water and a sponge. Contaminated insulation should be disposed of by a professional. Pour the liquid down the toilet when you are finished, then discard your gloves, booties, and sponge. Wash the bucket, shovel, and other used materials in boiling water. Wash your hands thoroughly.

How to Raccoon-Proof Your Home

Raccoons will continue to poop on your property if they feel safe and at-home. You can encourage them to leave by removing sources of food and getting rid of hiding spots. Use secure, lidded garbage cans and clean up after every meal you have outside. Remove bird feeders and cover your vegetables with row covers. Pick up fruit as soon as they have fallen from the trees. Then, have a look at your roof, deck, and shed for openings. Repair any holes you find to stop raccoons from sheltering on your property.

Hire a Professional Raccoon Latrine Removal Professional

Hire a professional for your safety and peace of mind. Professionals have the training and equipment to get rid of latrines more effectively. Our technicians use hospital-grade disinfectants that eliminate 99.9% of germs. The products we use are approved for both indoor and outdoor use, in a multitude of settings including daycare centres, restaurants, hospitals, and retirement homes. We also provide steam treatments to get rid of roundworm eggs on the spot. Let us take care of the problem for you. Call us for raccoon feces removal and wildlife removal services in the GTA.